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This entry was published on 2022-08-05
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AN ACT to amend the prison law to conform to the state departments law,

generally, and repealing certain provisions of article fifteen of the

state departments law and articles twelve and twelve-a of the state

charities law as amended and section one hundred and fifty-four of the

state finance law
Became a law April 2, 1929, with the approval of the Governor. Passed,

three-fifths being present

The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and
Assembly, do enact as follows:

Section 1. The title of chapter forty-seven of the laws of nineteen
hundred and nine, entitled "An act relating to prisons, constituting
chapter forty-three of the consolidated laws," is hereby amended to read
as follows:

An act in relation to the correction and detention of persons in state
correctional institutions, constituting chapter forty-three of the
consolidated laws.

§ 2. The schedule of articles of such chapter, with its heading,
immediately preceding article one is hereby amended to read as follows:


Article 1. Short title; definitions (§§ 1-2).

2. Department of correctional services; state board of parole

(§§ 5-29).

3. State commission of correction (§§ 40-49).

4. Establishment of correctional facilities, commitments to

department and custody of inmates (§§ 70-79-b).

4-B. Alternate correctional facilities for the city of New York

(§§ 86--89-l).

5. Coordinated use of state and local correctional

institutions (§§ 90-95).

5-A. Interstate corrections compact (§§ 100-109).

6. Management of correctional facilities (§§ 112-149).

6-A. Work release program in New York city correctional

institutions (§§ 150-160).

6-C. Sex offender registration act (§§ 168--168-w).

7. Labor in correctional institutions (§§ 170-200).

8. Community supervision (§§ 201-210).

11. Executive clemency (§§ 261-266).

12. Local conditional release commission (§§ 270-276).

12-B. Resident parole facility for youth.

13. Care of property of person confined for life (§§ 320-325).

14. Care of property of person confined for less than life

(§§ 350-361).

16. Provisions relating to mentally ill inmates (§§ 400-405).

20. Local correctional facilities (§§ 500-529).

22. Miscellaneous provisions (§§ 600-626).

22-A. Prisoner furloughs (§§ 630-634).

22-B. The death penalty (§§ 650-662).

23. Discretionary relief from forfeitures and disabilities

automatically imposed by law (§§ 700-706).

23-A. Licensure and employment of persons previously convicted

of one or more criminal offenses (§§ 750-755).

24. Provisions applicable to sentences imposed under the

revised penal plan (§§ 800-806).

26. Temporary release programs for state correctional

institutions (§§ 851-861).

26-A. Shock incarceration program for state correctional inmates

(§§ 865-867).

27. Work release program for county jails (§§ 870-879).

35. Laws repealed; when to take effect (§§ 1000-1001).