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This entry was published on 2023-11-26
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Miscellaneous Provisions
Correction (COR) CHAPTER 43

Section 600. Certain correctional officers to administer oaths.

600-a. Jail time records and certificates.

601. Delivery of commitment with incarcerated individual;

payment of fees for transportation.

601-a. Return of persons erroneously sentenced for the purpose

of resentence.

601-b. Coram nobis prisoners; reimbursement for costs.

601-c. Felony prisoners; reimbursement for costs.

601-d. Post-release supervision; certain cases.

602. Expenses of sheriff for transporting prisoners.

603. Rendering accounts for conveying of prisoners.

604. Payment of accounts for transporting prisoners.

605. Prisoners sentenced at one session of court to be

transported at same time.

605-a. Transportation of female incarcerated individuals.

606. Payment of costs for prosecution of incarcerated


607. Prohibition of double-bunked housing.

610. Freedom of worship.

611. Births to inmates of correctional institutions and care

of children of inmates of correctional institutions.

611-a. Commitments to county or regional correctional


612. United States prisoners.

613. Conveyance of prisoner after arrest.

614. Care and support of civil prisoner.

618. Duties of state correctional institutions,

penitentiaries, county jails and reformatories.

619. Cooperation with authorized agencies of the department of

social services.

620. Service of papers in civil judicial proceedings upon a


621. Interstate cooperation with law enforcement officers and

agencies of other states and the federal government.

622. Sex offender treatment program.

623. Incarcerated individual telephone services.

624. Next of kin; death of incarcerated individual.

625. Menstrual products.

626. Medication assisted treatment in correctional facilities.