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This entry was published on 2021-08-13
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Local Correctional Facilities
Correction (COR) CHAPTER 43

Section 500. Application of article.

500-a. Use of jails.

500-b. Housing of prisoners and other persons in custody.

500-c. Custody and control of prisoners.

500-d. Food and labor.

500-e. Reading matter; divine service.

500-f. Record of commitments and discharges.

500-g. Commitment by United States courts.

500-h. Payment of costs for medical and dental services.

500-i. County workhouses.

500-j. Who may visit local correctional facilities.

500-k. Treatment of incarcerated individuals.

500-l. Release on holidays, Saturdays and Sundays.

500-m. Special provision relating to city of New York.

500-n. Prisoners; unlawful fees prohibited.

500-o. Agreements for custody of incarcerated individuals from

other states.

500-p. Prohibition on the custody of youth in Rikers Island


501. Jail physician.

502. Use of liquors in jails.

503. Permit to bring liquor into jails.

504. Designation of substitute jail.

505. Provision of routine medical, dental and mental health

services and treatment.

507. Removal of prisoners in case of fire.

508. Removal of sick prisoners from jail.

509. Absence of incarcerated individual for funeral and

deathbed visits.

510. Voting upon release.

514. Confinement of civil prisoners.

523. Revocation of designation of jail.

524. Manner and effect of revocation.

529. Term of imprisonment of a recaptured prisoner.