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This entry was published on 2021-08-13
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Duties of state correctional institutions, penitentiaries, county jails and reformatories
Correction (COR) CHAPTER 43, ARTICLE 22
§ 618. Duties of state correctional institutions, penitentiaries,
county jails and reformatories. 1. It shall also be the duty of the
commissioner to continue to make or have impressions made of the finger
and thumbprints of all incarcerated individuals in any of the
institutions under the jurisdiction of the department; in his or her
discretion, to cause said incarcerated individuals to be measured and
described; and to cause to be obtained and recorded, so far as possible,
modus operandi statements of said incarcerated individuals. The
commissioner shall cause such impressions and measurements of persons
confined in state correctional institutions to be made by a person or
persons in the official service of the state in conformity with the
system now in use in the division of criminal justice services, and
shall prescribe rules and regulations for obtaining and recording such
modus operandi statements, and for keeping accurate records of such
impressions, measurements and statements, in the offices of such

2. It is hereby made the duty of the officials having charge of all
the penitentiaries and county jails in the state to cause incarcerated
individuals confined therein under sentence for any crime to be measured
and described and the fingerprint impressions of such incarcerated
individuals to be made according to the rules and methods prescribed by
the commissioner of criminal justice services. It shall also be the duty
of such officials in charge of such institutions to procure so far as
possible modus operandi statements from all such prisoners. And it shall
be the duty of such officials to cause duplicate records of such
measurements, impressions and statements to be made, two copies to be
transmitted to the division of criminal justice services within
twenty-four hours following the time of the reception of such
incarcerated individuals in said institutions.

3. There shall continue to be maintained in the various state prisons,
penitentiaries, reformatories and other penal institutions of the state
during the time that prisoners are therein confined complete individual
case histories of each prisoner so confined.