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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Sex Offender Registration Act
Correction (COR) CHAPTER 43

Section 168. Short title.

168-a. Definitions.

168-b. Duties of the division; registration information.

168-c. Sex offender; relocation; notification.

168-d. Duties of the court.

168-e. Discharge of sex offender from correctional facility;

duties of official in charge.

168-f. Duty to register and to verify.

168-g. Prior convictions; duty to inform and register.

168-h. Duration of registration and verification.

168-i. Registration and verification requirements.

168-j. Notification of local law enforcement agencies of change

of address.

168-k. Registration for change of address from another state.

168-l. Board of examiners of sex offenders.

168-m. Review.

168-n. Judicial determination.

168-o. Petition for relief or modification.

168-p. Special telephone number.

168-q. Subdirectory; internet posting.

168-r. Immunity from liability.

168-s. Annual report.

168-t. Penalty.

168-u. Unauthorized release of information.

168-v. Prohibition of employment on motor vehicles engaged in

retail sales of frozen desserts.

168-w. Separability.