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Management of Correctional Facilities
Correction (COR) CHAPTER 43

Section 112. Powers and duties of commissioner relating to

correctional facilities and community supervision.

113. Absence of incarcerated individual for funeral and

deathbed visits authorized.

114. Rehabilitation programs for women; to be commensurate to

those afforded men.

115. Fiscal accounts and records.

116. incarcerated individuals' funds.

117. Estimates of expenses.

118. Custody and supervision of persons in Westchester county

correctional facilities.

119. Daily report concerning incarcerated individuals.

120. Custody and supervision of persons in correctional


121. Private ownership or operation of correctional


122. Control of fiscal transactions and recovery of debts.

125. Incarcerated individuals' money, clothing and other

property; what to be furnished them on their release.

126. Punishment of superintendent for neglect of duty.

130. Custody of incarcerated individual sentenced to death and

commuted by governor.

132. Retaking of an escaped incarcerated individual.

133. Superintendent to report concerning incarcerated

individual believed mentally ill when crime was


134. Religious dietary requirements.

136. Correctional education.

137. Program of treatment, control, discipline at correctional


138. Institutional rules and regulations for incarcerated

individuals at all correctional facilities.

138-a. Notification of visitation policies.

139. Grievance procedures.

140. Provision for routine medical, dental and mental health

services and treatment.

141. Contagious disease in facility.

142. Fire in facility.

143. Custody of persons convicted of crimes against the United


146. Persons authorized to visit correctional facilities.

147. Noncitizen incarcerated individuals of correctional


148. Psychiatric and diagnostic clinics.

149. Released incarcerated individuals; notification to

sheriff, police, and district attorney.