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This entry was published on 2021-08-13
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Psychiatric and diagnostic clinics
Correction (COR) CHAPTER 43, ARTICLE 6
§ 148. Psychiatric and diagnostic clinics. The commissioner of
corrections and community supervision is hereby authorized and directed
to assist and cooperate with the commissioner of mental health in the
establishment and conduct of such psychiatric and diagnostic clinics in
the institutions and facilities under their jurisdiction as such
commissioners may deem necessary within the amount appropriated
therefor. The persons conducting the work of such clinics shall
determine the physical and mental condition of all incarcerated
individuals serving an indeterminate term, having a minimum of one day
and a maximum of natural life, and of such other incarcerated
individuals whose criminal record, behavior or other factors indicate to
those in charge of such clinics the need of study and treatment. The
work of the clinics shall include scientific study and psychiatric
evaluation of each such incarcerated individual, including his or her
career and life history, investigation of the cause of the crime and
recommendations for the care, training and employment of such
incarcerated individuals with a view to their reformation and to the
protection of society. Each of the different phases of the work of the
clinics shall be so coordinated with all the other phases of clinic work
as to be a part of a unified and comprehensive scheme in the study and
treatment of such incarcerated individuals. After classification in the
clinics the incarcerated individual sentenced to state prison shall be
certified to the warden and recommendation made to the commissioner of
corrections and community supervision as to their disposition.