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This entry was published on 2021-08-13
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Incarcerated individuals' money, clothing and other property; what to be furnished them on their release
Correction (COR) CHAPTER 43, ARTICLE 6
§ 125. Incarcerated individuals' money, clothing and other property;
what to be furnished them on their release. 1. The superintendent, or an
employee covered by bond who is designated by the superintendent, of
each correctional facility shall take charge of all moneys and other
articles which may be brought to the facility by the incarcerated
individuals, and shall cause the same, immediately upon the receipt
thereof, to be entered among the receipts of the facility; which money
and other articles, whenever the incarcerated individual from whom the
same was received shall be discharged from the custody of the
department, or the same shall be otherwise legally demanded, shall be
returned by the said superintendent to such incarcerated individual or
other person legally entitled to the same, and vouchers shall be taken
therefor. The commissioner shall promulgate rules and regulations
concerning the custody and transfer of such money and other articles in
cases where incarcerated individuals are transferred from one facility
to another.

2. The superintendent of each of said facilities shall furnish to each
incarcerated individual who shall be discharged or released from said
facility by pardon, parole, conditional release or otherwise, except
such incarcerated individuals as are released for return for resentence
or new trial or upon a certificate of reasonable doubt, and except such
incarcerated individuals who are released to participate in a program
outside the facility who are required to return to the facility,
suitable clothing adapted to the season in which he or she is discharged
not to exceed sixty-five dollars in value and transportation to the
county of his or her conviction or to such other place as the
commissioner may designate. In addition, the commissioner shall take
such steps as are necessary to ensure that incarcerated individuals have
at least forty dollars available upon release.

3. In any case where an incarcerated individual is not entitled to
receive clothing and transportation under subdivision two of this
section, the superintendent, in his or her discretion, but subject to
the rules of the department, may furnish an incarcerated individual who
is released from a facility with clothing or transportation not in
excess of the value for each item specified in subdivision two of this