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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Delivery of warrant and confinement
Correction (COR) CHAPTER 43, ARTICLE 22-B
§ 652. Delivery of warrant and confinement. 1. Within ten days after
the issuance of a warrant as provided in section six hundred fifty of
this article, the sheriff or the commissioner of correction, if within
the city of New York or county of Westchester, must deliver the warrant
and the person sentenced, if that person is not already in the custody
of the department, to the department or to the superintendent of the
state institution designated by the commissioner. Upon the issuance of
the warrant the court shall cause a copy to be personally delivered to
the convicted person and shall send a copy of the warrant to the
convicted person's last attorney of record.

2. From the time of the delivery of the warrant and until the
imposition of the punishment of death upon the convicted person, unless
discharged from the sentence, such person may, in the commissioner's
discretion, either be kept isolated from the general prison population
in a designated institution or confined as otherwise provided by law.
The commissioner, in his discretion, may determine that the safety and
security of the facility, or of the inmate population, or of the staff,
or of the inmate, would not be jeopardized by the inmate's confinement
within the general prison population.

3. The commissioner may promulgate rules and regulations concerning
visitation of inmates sentenced to death. Such rules and regulations
may provide that inmates sentenced to death are subject to different
visitation policies and procedures than inmates who are not sentenced to