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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Disposition of body
Correction (COR) CHAPTER 43, ARTICLE 22-B
§ 662. Disposition of body. 1. Prior to the execution, the convicted
person shall be given the opportunity to decide in writing to whom his
or her body shall be delivered after the execution. The commissioner or
his or her designee shall sign and authorize the convicted person's
request if the request is not contrary to law. If the convicted person
does not indicate to whom such person's body shall be delivered, or if
the person's request is contrary to law, the commissioner may deliver
the convicted person's body to a relative by blood or marriage or a bona
fide friend. If the body is not claimed by a relative or bona fide
friend within seven days after execution, the body shall be delivered to
a duly authorized and incorporated pathological and anatomical
association in the state, if requested by an authorized association.

2. If the body of the convicted person is not claimed by a relative,
bona fide friend, or a duly authorized and incorporated pathological and
anatomical association, the commissioner shall cause the body to be
disposed of in the same manner as are bodies of prisoners dying in the
institution. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no autopsy
shall be required for the body of an inmate upon whom a sentence of
death has been carried out.