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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Correction (COR) CHAPTER 43, ARTICLE 23-A
§ 750. Definitions. For the purposes of this article, the following
terms shall have the following meanings:

(1) "Public agency" means the state or any local subdivision thereof,
or any state or local department, agency, board or commission.

(2) "Private employer" means any person, company, corporation, labor
organization or association which employs ten or more persons.

(3) "Direct relationship" means that the nature of criminal conduct
for which the person was convicted has a direct bearing on his fitness
or ability to perform one or more of the duties or responsibilities
necessarily related to the license, opportunity, or job in question.

(4) "License" means any certificate, license, permit or grant of
permission required by the laws of this state, its political
subdivisions or instrumentalities as a condition for the lawful practice
of any occupation, employment, trade, vocation, business, or profession.
Provided, however, that "license" shall not, for the purposes of this
article, include any license or permit to own, possess, carry, or fire
any explosive, pistol, handgun, rifle, shotgun, or other firearm.

(5) "Employment" means any occupation, vocation or employment, or any
form of vocational or educational training. Provided, however, that
"employment" shall not, for the purposes of this article, include
membership in any law enforcement agency.