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This entry was published on 2021-08-13
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Reporting and information
Correction (COR) CHAPTER 43, ARTICLE 26
§ 853. Reporting and information. To ensure the accurate maintenance
and availability of statistics and records with respect to participation
in temporary release programs, the department shall maintain the
following information relative to the operation of temporary release

(a) number of incarcerated individual participants in each temporary
release program;

(b) number of incarcerated individuals participating in temporary
release for whom written approval of the commissioner was required
pursuant to subdivision two of section eight hundred fifty-one of this

(c) number and type of individual programs approved for each

(d) approved participating employers and educational institutions;

(e) number of incarcerated individuals arrested;

(f) incarcerated individuals involuntarily returned for violations by

(g) absconders still at large;

(h) number of disciplinary proceedings initiated and the results

(i) number of temporary release committee decisions appealed and the
results thereof by institution;

(j) reports or information made available to the department with
respect to the participation of individuals in such programs, including
any incidents of absconding or re-arrest.

The department shall also forward to the state commission of
correction quarterly reports including, but not limited to, the
information identified in subdivisions (a), (b), (d), (e), (f) and (g)
of this section and such other information requested by the commission
or available to the department with respect to such programs.