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This entry was published on 2021-08-13
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Alternate correctional facility review panel
Correction (COR) CHAPTER 43, ARTICLE 4-B
§ 89-e. Alternate correctional facility review panel. 1. The alternate
correctional facility review panel is hereby established and shall
consist of the commissioner, the chairman of the state commission of
correction, the chairman of the board of parole, the director of the
office of probation and correctional alternatives, the commissioner of
correction of the city of New York, the president of the New York State
Sheriffs' Association Institute, Inc., and the president of the
Correctional Association of New York or their designees. The governor
shall appoint a chairman and vice-chairman from among the members.

2. The panel shall be authorized to enter and inspect at any and all
times each alternate correctional facility or any part thereof and shall
have access to all books, records and data pertaining to any such
facility within the possession of the department relating to subdivision
three of this section.

3. The panel shall examine whether alternate correctional facilities
should continue to be utilized, whether all steps practicable have been
taken by the city of New York toward finding alternatives to housing
eligible incarcerated individuals in alternate correctional facilities,
including the construction of correctional facilities within the city of
New York and the development of alternatives to incarceration, and
whether there has been compliance with all applicable laws, rules and
regulations and the operation agreement.

4. The panel shall prepare an annual report which shall be filed with
the governor, the mayor of the city of New York, the chairman of the
senate crime and correction committee, and the chairman of the assembly
committee on correction no later than the first day of March of each