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This entry was published on 2020-01-10
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SECTION 510.45
Pretrial services agencies
Criminal Procedure (CPL) CHAPTER 11-A, PART 3, TITLE P, ARTICLE 510
§ 510.45 Pretrial services agencies.

1. The office of court administration shall certify and regularly
review for recertification one or more pretrial services agencies in
each county to monitor principals released under non-monetary
conditions. Such office shall maintain a listing on its public website
identifying by county each pretrial services agency so certified in the

2. Every such agency shall be a public entity under the supervision
and control of a county or municipality or a non-profit entity under
contract to the county, municipality or the state. A county or
municipality shall be authorized to enter into a contract with another
county or municipality in the state to monitor principals under
non-monetary conditions of release in its county, but counties,
municipalities and the state shall not contract with any private
for-profit entity for such purposes.

3. (a) Any questionnaire, instrument or tool used with a principal in
the process of considering or determining the principal's possible
release on recognizance, release under non-monetary conditions or on
bail, or used with a principal in the process of considering or
determining a condition or conditions of release or monitoring by a
pretrial services agency, shall be promptly made available to the
principal and the principal's counsel upon written request. Any such
blank form questionnaire, instrument or tool regularly used in the
county for such purpose or a related purpose shall be made available to
any person promptly upon request.

(b) Any such questionnaire, instrument or tool used to inform
determinations on release or conditions of release shall be:

(i) designed and implemented in a way that ensures the results are
free from discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, sex, or
any other protected class; and

(ii) empirically validated and regularly revalidated, with such
validation and revalidation studies and all underlying data, except
personal identifying information for any defendant, publicly available
upon request.

4. Supervision by a pre-trial services agency may be ordered as a
non-monetary condition pursuant to this title only if the court finds,
after notice, an opportunity to be heard and an individualized
determination explained on the record or in writing, that no other
realistic non-monetary condition or set of non-monetary conditions will
suffice to reasonably assure the principal's return to court.

5. Each pretrial service agency certified by the office of court
administration pursuant to this section shall at the end of each year
prepare and file with such office an annual report, which the office
shall compile, publish on its website and make available upon request to
members of the public. Such reports shall not include any personal
identifying information for any individual defendants. Each such report,
in addition to other relevant information, shall set forth,
disaggregated by each county served:

(a) the number of defendants supervised by the agency;

(b) the length of time (in months) each such person was supervised by
the agency prior to acquittal, dismissal, release on recognizance,
revocation of release on conditions, and sentencing;

(c) the race, ethnicity, age and sex of each person supervised;

(d) the crimes with which each person supervised was charged;

(e) the number of persons supervised for whom release conditions were
modified by the court, describing generally for each person or group of
persons the type and nature of the condition or conditions added or

(f) the number of persons supervised for whom release under conditions
was revoked by the court, and the basis for such revocations; and

(g) the court disposition in each supervised case, including
sentencing information.