1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Criminal Procedure
  4. Part 3: Special Proceedings and Miscellaneous Procedures
  5. Title P: Procedures For Securing Attendance At Criminal Actions and Proceedings of Defendants and Witnesses Under Control of Court--recognizance, Bail and Commitment
  6. Article 510: Recognizance, Bail and Commitment-- Determination of Application For Recognizance or Bail, Issuance of Securing Orders, and Related Matters

Section 510.43 Court appearances: additional notifications

Criminal Procedure (CPL)

  The court or, upon direction of the court, a certified pretrial services agency, shall notify all principals released under non-monetary conditions and on recognizance of all court appearances in advance by text message, telephone call, electronic mail or first class mail. The chief administrator of the courts shall, pursuant to subdivision one of section 10.40 of this chapter, develop a form which shall be offered to the principal at court appearances. On such form, which upon completion shall be retained in the court file, the principal may select one such preferred manner of notice.