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This entry was published on 2020-07-03
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SECTION 510.43
Court appearances: additional notifications
Criminal Procedure (CPL) CHAPTER 11-A, PART 3, TITLE P, ARTICLE 510
§ 510.43 Court appearances: additional notifications.

1. The court or, upon direction of the court, a certified pretrial
services agency, shall notify all principals released under non-monetary
conditions and on recognizance of all court appearances in advance by
text message, telephone call, electronic mail or first class mail. The
chief administrator of the courts shall, pursuant to subdivision one of
section 10.40 of this chapter, develop a form which shall be offered to
the principal at court appearances. On such form, which upon completion
shall be retained in the court file, the principal may select one such
preferred manner of notice.

2. Such form may request the information necessary for the defendant
to be provided with notice in accordance with such single, selected
manner of notice. After notice of such consequence, a defendant who
intentionally declines to provide the information necessary for the
defendant to be provided with such notice pursuant to this section shall
forfeit the opportunity to receive such notice until such information is
timely provided. Any failure by the court or certified pretrial services
agency to provide notice of a scheduled court appearance in the manner
provided in this section shall not in and of itself constitute grounds
or authorization for the defendant to fail to appear for such scheduled
court appearance.