1. The Laws of New York
  2. Court Acts
  3. New York City Criminal Court
  4. Article 2: Organization and Administration

Section 21 Administration

New York City Criminal Court (CRC)

(1) As provided by section twenty-eight of article six of the constitution and article seven-A of the judiciary law, the appellate divisions of the supreme court in the first and second judicial departments shall supervise the administration and operation of the court in their respective departments, either separately or jointly; provided, however, that if the administrative board shall so direct, a single administrative judge shall be designated by the appellate divisions or the administrative board as provided by law to administer and regulate the operations of the court.

  (2) All salaries of the judicial and non-judicial personnel of the court and all other expenses of the court whatsoever shall be a city charge. The governing body of the city shall annually include in its final estimate such sums as may be necessary to pay such salaries and expenses. All budgetary appropriations made by the city for the use and requirements of the court of special sessions of the city of New York and the city magistrates' courts of the city of New York for the fiscal year of the city in which this act shall take effect, and unexpended balances thereof for prior years, shall be, so far as needed, vested in and transferred to the use of the court. The court shall continue to occupy and use the courtrooms and other parts of court and other buildings occupied by such other courts until such time as other proper and adequate quarters are provided; and all furniture, equipment, supplies and other property and services in the custody or use of or allotted to such other courts on the effective date of this act shall respectively be vested in and transferred to the use of the court.