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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Judges of the court
New York City Criminal Court Act (CRC) CHAPTER 697, ARTICLE 2
§ 22. Judges of the court. (1) Each of the judges of the court shall
be a resident of the city. No person, other than one who holds such
office on the first day of September, nineteen hundred sixty-two, may
assume the office of judge of the court unless he has been admitted to
practice law in this state at least ten years.

(2) As vacancies in the office of judge occur, the mayor shall fill
such vacancies by appointment. Each such appointment shall be for a term
of ten years except that when a vacancy shall occur otherwise than by
expiration of term on the last day of December of any year, the
appointment shall be for the unexpired term. The mayor shall make a
certificate of each appointment which shall state the title of the
office, the name of the appointee and the term for which he is
appointed. Certified copies of the certificate shall be filed in the
offices of the city clerk and of the appellate divisions of the supreme
court having supervisory and administrative powers over the court, and
the original shall be delivered to the appointee.

(4) No judge of the court appointed after the first day of September,
nineteen hundred sixty-two shall hold any of the offices or trusts, or
engage in any of the activities, prohibited by section twenty (b) of
article six of the constitution. Judges in office or appointed on that
date shall be subject to the provisions of section one hundred sixty-one
of the New York city criminal courts act, as last amended prior to its
repeal herein, for the period ending the thirty-first day of August,
nineteen hundred sixty-three, and thereafter shall be subject to the
said constitutional provision in every respect.

(5) The judges of the court shall be subject to removal and compulsory
retirement in the manner provided in the judiciary law.