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This entry was published on 2019-11-01
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Allowance for infant's support
Civil Practice Law & Rules (CVP) CHAPTER 8, ARTICLE 12
Rule 1211. Allowance for infant's support. (a) Petition to supreme
court, county court or surrogate's court; contents. A petition to the
supreme court, county court or the surrogate's court for the application
of an infant's property or a portion thereof to the infant's support,
maintenance or education shall set forth in detail:

1. the amount and nature of the infant's property, where it is
situated and how invested, his income from such property or any other
source and any claim against the infant;

2. whether or not the infant's parents are living and, if either of
them is living, all circumstances relative to their ability to support
the infant, and, if neither of them is living, the names of other
persons legally obligated to support the infant and the circumstances
relative to their ability to support the infant; and

3. the terms of any previous order made by any court within or without
the state for similar relief and the disposition made of any property
pursuant thereto.

(b) Notice. Such notice as the court shall direct shall be given to:

1. the guardian of the property of the infant, if the petition is
presented by a person other than such guardian;

2. all parents and guardians of the person of the infant; and

3. the infant if he or she is of the age of fourteen years or more.