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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Form of papers
Civil Practice Law & Rules (CVP) CHAPTER 8, ARTICLE 21
Rule 2101. Form of papers. (a) Quality, size and legibility. Each
paper served or filed shall be durable, white and, except for summonses,
subpoenas, notices of appearance, notes of issue, orders of protection,
temporary orders of protection and exhibits, shall be eleven by eight
and one-half inches in size. The writing shall be legible and in black
ink. Beneath each signature shall be printed the name signed. The
letters in the summons shall be in clear type of no less than
twelve-point in size. Each other printed or typed paper served or filed,
except an exhibit, shall be in clear type of no less than ten-point in

(b) Language. Each paper served or filed shall be in the English
language which, where practicable, shall be of ordinary usage. Where an
affidavit or exhibit annexed to a paper served or filed is in a foreign
language, it shall be accompanied by an English translation and an
affidavit by the translator stating his qualifications and that the
translation is accurate.

(c) Caption. Each paper served or filed shall begin with a caption
setting forth the name of the court, the venue, the title of the action,
the nature of the paper and the index number of the action if one has
been assigned. In a summons, a complaint or a judgment the title shall
include the names of all parties, but in all other papers it shall be
sufficient to state the name of the first named party on each side with
an appropriate indication of any omissions.

(d) Indorsement by attorney. Each paper served or filed shall be
indorsed with the name, address and telephone number of the attorney for
the party serving or filing the paper, or if the party does not appear
by attorney, with the name, address and telephone number of the party.

(e) Copies. Except where otherwise specifically prescribed, copies,
rather than originals, of all papers, including orders, affidavits and
exhibits may be served or filed. Where it is required that the original
be served or filed and the original is lost or withheld, the court may
authorize a copy to be served or filed.

(f) Defects in form; waiver. A defect in the form of a paper, if a
substantial right of a party is not prejudiced, shall be disregarded by
the court, and leave to correct shall be freely given. The party on whom
a paper is served shall be deemed to have waived objection to any defect
in form unless, within fifteen days after the receipt thereof, the party
on whom the paper is served returns the paper to the party serving it
with a statement of particular objections.

(g) Service by electronic means. Each paper served or filed by
electronic means, as defined in subdivision (f) of rule twenty-one
hundred three, shall be capable of being reproduced by the receiver so
as to comply with the provisions of subdivisions (a) through (d) of this