1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Civil Practice Law & Rules
  4. Article 30: Remedies and Pleading

Section 3036 Court determination

Civil Practice Law & Rules (CVP)

Rule 3036. Court determination. 1. Except upon a trial under paragraph three of rule 3034 of the issue of the making of the contract or submission, the rules as to the admissibility of evidence, except as provided by statutes relating to privileged communications, and as to procedure shall be dispensed with unless the court shall otherwise direct, and shall not apply to or exclude, limit, or restrict the taking of any testimony and the adducing of any proof.

  2. In any action brought pursuant to the simplified procedure for court determination of disputes in which the court shall be of the opinion that evidence by an impartial expert would be of material aid to the just determination of the action, it may direct that such evidence be obtained. The fee and expenses of such expert shall be paid by the parties as, in its discretion, the court may direct.

  3. Any action or proceeding, other than one brought in accordance with the simplified procedure, which presents an issue referable to the court for determination under the simplified procedure may be stayed by the court in which such action or proceeding is pending, or by the supreme court.

  4. If the court directs a party to the contract or submission to serve a statement within a given time, and the party fails to do so, or if a party fails to appear upon proper notice, judgment by default may be awarded.

  5. At a pre-trial conference, or at any other time on motion of any party or on its own motion, on notice to the parties, and upon such terms and conditions as in its discretion may seem proper, the court may (a) order or allow any party to serve an additional or amended statement of facts; (b) direct pre-trial disclosure of evidence and discovery and inspection of books, records and documents; (c) permit the taking of depositions for use at the hearing; (d) limit or restrict the number of experts to be heard as witnesses; (e) clarify and define the issues to be tried; (f) stay or transfer and consolidate with the action any other civil action or proceeding pending in any court between parties to the action; (g) grant summary judgment in favor of any party as in rule 3212 provided.

  6. After a statement complying with the requirements of rule 3032 or settled in accordance with rule 3034 has been filed, any party may serve and file a note of issue. Trial of the action shall commence on the date specified in such note of issue or as soon thereafter as may be practicable. Completion of preliminary procedures required by local court rules prior to the placing of a case upon the calendar for trial shall not be required in actions under the New York Simplified Procedure for Court Determination of Disputes.

  7. The judgment roll shall consist of the submission or contract; the statement of claims and defenses; each paper submitted to the court upon a motion and each order of the court thereon; a copy of the judgment and of each paper necessarily affecting the judgment.

  8. Those provisions of the civil practice law and rules pertaining to venue, entry and enforcement of judgment and the continuance of a civil action in case of the death or incompetency of parties shall apply to actions under the simplified procedure.

  9. Costs and disbursements may be awarded by the court in its discretion. If awarded, the amount thereof must be included in the judgment.