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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Arbitration of certain claims
Civil Practice Law & Rules (CVP) CHAPTER 8, ARTICLE 34
Rule 3405. Arbitration of certain claims. The chief judge of the court
of appeals may promulgate rules for the arbitration of claims for the
recovery of a sum of money not exceeding six thousand dollars, exclusive
of interest, pending in any court or courts except the civil court of
the city of New York, and not exceeding ten thousand dollars, exclusive
of interest, pending in the civil court of the city of New York. Such
rules must permit a jury trial de novo upon demand by any party
following the determination of the arbitrators and may require the
demander to pay the cost of arbitration; and shall also provide for all
procedures necessary to initiate, conduct and determine the arbitration.
A judgment may be entered upon the arbitration award. The rules shall
further provide for the recruitment and qualifications of the
arbitrators and for their compensation; except that such rules may
authorize use of judicial hearing officers as arbitrators. All expenses
for compensation, reimbursement and administration under this rule shall
be a state charge to be paid out of funds appropriated to the
administrative office for the courts for that purpose.