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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Form of briefs and appendices
Civil Practice Law & Rules (CVP) CHAPTER 8, ARTICLE 55
Rule 5529. Form of briefs and appendices. (a) Form of reproduction;
size; paper; binding.

1. Briefs and appendices shall be reproduced by any method that
produces a permanent, legible, black image on white paper. Paper shall
be of a quality approved by the chief administrator of the courts.

2. Briefs and appendices shall be on white paper eleven inches along
the bound edge by eight and one-half inches.

3. An appellate court may by rule applicable to practice therein
prescribe the size of margins and type of briefs and appendices and the
line spacing and the length of briefs.

(b) Numbering. Pages of briefs shall be numbered consecutively. Pages
of appendices shall be separately numbered consecutively, each number
preceded by the letter A.

(c) Page headings. The subject matter of each page of the appendix
shall be stated at the top thereof, except that in the case of papers
other than testimony, the subject matter of the paper may be stated at
the top of the first page of each paper, together with the page numbers
of the first and last pages thereof. In the case of testimony, the name
of the witness, by whom he was called and whether the testimony is
direct, cross, redirect or recross examination shall be stated at the
top of each page.

(d) Quotations. Asterisks or other appropriate means shall be used to
indicate omissions in quoted excerpts. Reference shall be made to the
source of the excerpts quoted. Where an excerpt in the appendix is
testimony of a witness quoted from the record the beginning of each page
of the transcript shall be indicated by parenthetical insertion of the
transcript page number.

(e) Citations of decisions. New York decisions shall be cited from the
official reports, if any. All other decisions shall be cited from the
official reports, if any, and also from the National Reporter System if
they are there reported. Decisions not reported officially or in the
National Reporter System shall be cited from the most available source.

(f) Questions and answers. The answer to a question in the appendix
shall not begin a new paragraph.