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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Records to be kept by the clerk of appellate division
Civil Practice Law & Rules (CVP) CHAPTER 8, ARTICLE 97
Rule 9701. Records to be kept by the clerk of appellate division. The
clerk of the appellate division in each department shall keep:

1. a book, properly indexed, or an index, in which shall be entered
the title of all proceedings in that court, with entries under each,
showing the proceedings taken therein and the final disposition thereof;

2. a book in which shall be indexed all undertakings filed in the
clerk's office, with a statement of the proceedings in which they are
given, and a statement of any disposition or order made of or concerning
them; and

3. a book, properly indexed, or an index, which shall contain (a) the
name of each attorney admitted to practice in the department, with the
date of the attorney's admission, and (b) the name of each person who
has been refused admission or who has been disbarred, disciplined or
censured by the court. The clerk of each department shall transmit to
the clerk of the court of appeals and to the clerks of the other
departments the names of all applicants who have been refused admission,
and the names of all attorneys who have resigned or who have been
disbarred, disciplined, censured or reinstated by the court.