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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Civil Practice Law & Rules (CVP) CHAPTER 8


2501. Undertaking; definition.

2502. Surety; form of affidavit; two or more undertakings;

condition; acknowledgment.

(a) Surety; form of affidavit.

(b) Two or more undertakings.

(c) Condition.

(d) Acknowledgment.

2503. Undertaking of more than one thousand dollars; real

property; lien.

(a) Creation of lien.

(b) Affidavit of surety.

(c) Filing of affidavit; recording.

(d) Release of lien.

2504. Waiver of undertaking; removal and change of parties.

(a) Waiver of undertaking.

(b) Removal and change of parties.

2505. Filing of undertaking; service upon adverse party; time

when effective.

2506. Exception to surety; allowance where no exception taken.

(a) Exception to surety.

(b) Allowance where no exception taken.

2507. Justification of surety.

(a) Motion to justify.

(b) Failure to justify.

2508. Motion for new or additional undertaking.

2509. Control of assets by agreement with surety.

2510. Discharge of surety on the undertaking of a fiduciary.

(a) Motion; new undertaking; accounting.

(b) Settlement of account.

2511. Liability of surety.

2512. Undertaking by the state, municipal corporation or public


2513. Action on undertaking to a public officer, board or

municipal corporation.