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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Habeas Corpus
Civil Practice Law & Rules (CVP) CHAPTER 8


7001. Application of article; special proceeding.

7002. Petition.

(a) By whom made.

(b) To whom made.

(c) Content.

7003. When the writ shall be issued.

(a) Generally.

(b) Successive petitions for writ.

(c) Penalty for violation.

7004. Content of writ.

(a) For whom issued.

(b) To whom directed.

(c) Before whom returnable.

(d) When returnable.

(e) Expenses; undertaking.

7005. Service of the writ.

7006. Obedience to the writ.

(a) Generally; defects in form.

(b) Compelling obedience.

(c) Precept to bring up person detained.

7007. Warrant preceding or accompanying writ.

7008. Return.

(a) When filed and served.

(b) Content.

7009. Hearing.

(a) Notice before hearing.

(b) Reply to return.

(c) Hearing to be summary.

(d) Sickness or infirmity of person detained.

(e) Custody during proceeding.

7010. Determination of proceeding.

(a) Discharge.

(b) Bail.

(c) Remand.

7011. Appeal.

7012. Redetention after discharge.