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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Action for libel: evidence, separate verdicts
Civil Rights (CVR) CHAPTER 6, ARTICLE 7
§ 76. Action for libel: evidence, separate verdicts. At the trial of
any civil action for libel, the defendant may prove, for consideration
by the jury in fixing the amount of the verdict, that the plaintiff has
already recovered damages, or has received, or agreed to receive,
compensation in respect of a libel or libels of a similar purport or
effect as the libel for which such action has been brought. In
consolidated actions based on libels of similar purport or effect the
jury shall assess the whole amount of the plaintiff's damages in one
sum, but a separate verdict shall be taken for or against each defendant
and the jury shall apportion the amount of damages among the defendants
against whom it found a verdict.