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This entry was published on 2022-06-17
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Miscellaneous Rights and Immunities
Civil Rights (CVR) CHAPTER 6

Section 70. Vexatious suits.

70-a. Actions involving public petition and participation;

recovery of damages.

70-b. Unlawful interference with protected rights.

71. Damages in action for suing in name of another.

72. Term of imprisonment of civil prisoner.

73. Code of fair procedure for investigating agencies.

74. Privileges in action for libel.

75. Defamation by radio or television.

76. Action for libel: evidence, separate verdicts.

76-a. Actions involving public petition and participation;

when actual malice to be proven.

77. Special damages in action for slander of a woman.

78. Mitigating circumstances in action for libel or slander.

79. Forfeiture of office and suspension of civil rights.

79-a. Consequence of sentence to imprisonment for life.

79-b. Forfeiture of property on conviction abolished.

79-c. Convict protected by law.

79-d. Creditor of convict.

79-e. Right to breast feed.

79-f. Liability for acts of persons assisting police officers.

79-g. Filing of certificates of honorable discharge with

county clerks.

79-h. Special provisions relating to persons employed by, or

connected with, news media.

79-i. Discrimination against person who refuses to perform

certain act prohibited.

79-j. Confidentiality of records in multi-state information


79-k. Civil immunity for certain persons assisting in

emergency situations.

79-l. Confidentiality of records of genetic tests.

79-m. Criminal interference with health care services,

religious worship, funeral, burial or memorial

service; injunction.

79-n. Bias-related violence or intimidation; civil remedy.

79-n*2. Funeral or bereavement leave.

79-o. Closed captioning in places of public accommodation,

resort or amusement.

79-p. Recording certain activities.

79-p*2. Gender neutral single-occupancy bathroom facilities.

79-q. Collection of gender or sex designation information by

state agencies.