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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Reports of appointing officers; official roster
§ 97. Reports of appointing officers; official roster. 1. No person
shall be appointed to or be employed in any position in the classified
service of the state or of any civil division thereof, for which rules
have been established pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, until
he has passed an examination or is exempted from such examination in
conformity with the provisions of this chapter or the rules established
thereunder. It shall be the duty of each appointing officer of the state
or of any civil division thereof to report to the state civil service
department or municipal commission having jurisdiction, forthwith upon
such appointment or employment, the name of such appointee or employee,
the title and character of his office or employment, the date of the
commencement of service by virtue thereof and the salary or compensation
thereof, and to report from time to time and upon the date of official
action in or knowledge of each case, any separation of a person from the
service, or other change therein, and such other information as such
civil service department or municipal commission may require in order to
keep the roster hereinafter mentioned.

2. The civil service department and each municipal commission shall
maintain an official roster of the classified service under its
jurisdiction. Such roster shall contain in detail the employment history
of each employee, showing each change of status or compensation from the
time he enters service until he separates from service, except that it
shall not be necessary to enter in such roster the compensation or
changes in compensation of an employee holding a position classified
pursuant to article eight of this chapter or classified by a municipal
commission and listed in a salary grade plan containing titles and
specific ranges of salary for each title duly adopted by a municipality
or agency under the jurisdiction of such municipal commission.

3. The department shall maintain records documenting the employment of
persons pursuant to contracts for consulting services issued by state
agencies as defined in subdivision seventeen of section eight of the
state finance law. No later than one hundred eighty days after the end
of each fiscal year, the department shall submit to the governor, the
senate finance committee, the assembly ways and means committee and the
department of audit and control a report summarizing the following
information for each state agency:

a. the number of contract employees performing such consulting
services; and

b. the types of services provided by such contract employees.