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Marriage licenses
Domestic Relations (DOM) CHAPTER 14, ARTICLE 3
§ 13. Marriage licenses. It shall be necessary for all persons intended
to be married in New York state to obtain a marriage license from a town
or city clerk in New York state and to deliver said license, within
sixty days, to the clergyman or magistrate who is to officiate before
the marriage ceremony may be performed. In case of a marriage contracted
pursuant to subdivision four of section eleven of this chapter, such
license shall be delivered to the judge of the court of record before
whom the acknowledgment is to be taken. If either party to the marriage
resides upon an island located not less than twenty-five miles from the
office or residence of the town clerk of the town of which such island
is a part, and if such office or residence is not on such island such
license may be obtained from any justice of the peace residing on such
island, and such justice, in respect to powers and duties relating to
marriage licenses, shall be subject to the provisions of this article
governing town clerks and shall file all statements or affidavits
received by him while acting under the provisions of this section with
the town clerk of such town. No application for a marriage license shall
be denied on the ground that the parties are of the same, or a
different, sex.