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Solemnization, Proof and Effect of Marriage
Domestic Relations (DOM) CHAPTER 14

Solemnization, Proof and Effect of Marriage
Section 10. Marriage a civil contract.

10-a. Parties to a marriage.

10-b. Religious exception.

11. By whom a marriage must be solemnized.

11-a. Duty of city clerk in certain cities of the first class;

facsimile signature of said clerk authorized.

11-b. Registration of persons performing marriage ceremonies in

the city of New York.

11-c. Marriage officers.

11-d. One-day marriage officiant license.

12. Marriage, how solemnized.

13. Marriage licenses.

13-aa. Test to determine the presence of sickle cell anemia.

13-b. Time within which marriage may be solemnized.

13-c. Twenty-four hour provision waived in certain cases.

13-d. Duty of clerk issuing marriage license.

14. Town and city clerks to issue marriage licenses; form.

14-a. Town and city clerks to issue certificates of marriage

registration; form.

15. Duty of town and city clerks.

15-a. Marriages of minors under eighteen years of age.

15-b. Temporary provisions authorizing issuance of marriage

license, upon court order, without consent of a parent

in armed forces of United States, merchant marine and

allied forces, and absent from the United States.

16. False statements and affidavits.

17. Clergyman or officer violating article; penalty.

18. Clergyman or officer, when protected.

19. Records to be kept by town and city clerks.

19-a. Marriages on vessels; reports and records.

20. Records to be kept by the state department of health and

the city clerk of the city of New York.

20-a. Certified transcripts of records; state commissioner of

health may furnish.

20-b. Certification of marriage; state commissioner of health

may furnish.

20-c. Certification of marriage; new certificate in case of

subsequent change of name or gender.

21. Forms and books to be furnished.

22. Penalty for violation.

23. Supervision of and inspection of town and city clerks'

records by state commissioner of health.

24. Effect of marriage on legitimacy of children.

25. License, when to be obtained.