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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Effect of marriage on legitimacy of children
Domestic Relations (DOM) CHAPTER 14, ARTICLE 3
§ 24. Effect of marriage on legitimacy of children. 1. A child
heretofore or hereafter born of parents who prior or subsequent to the
birth of such child shall have entered into a civil or religious
marriage, or shall have consummated a common-law marriage where such
marriage is recognized as valid, in the manner authorized by the law of
the place where such marriage takes place, is the legitimate child of
both birth parents notwithstanding that such marriage is void or
voidable or has been or shall hereafter be annulled or judicially
declared void.

2. Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to affect the construction
of any will or other instrument executed before the time this act shall
take effect or any right or interest in property or right of action
vested or accrued before the time this act shall take effect, or to
limit the operation of any judicial determination heretofore made
containing express provision with respect to the legitimacy, maintenance
or custody of any child, or to affect any adoption proceeding heretofore
commenced, or limit the effect of any order or orders entered in such
adoption proceeding.