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Certification of marriage; state commissioner of health may furnish
Domestic Relations (DOM) CHAPTER 14, ARTICLE 3
§ 20-b. Certification of marriage; state commissioner of health may
furnish. 1. The state commissioner of health or person authorized by him
shall, upon request, issue to any applicant a certification of any
marriage registered under the provisions of this article, unless he is
satisfied that the same does not appear to be necessary or required for
judicial or other proper purposes. Any such certification of marriage
made by such commissioner or person authorized to act for him shall be
prima facie evidence in all courts and places of the facts therein

2. Such certification shall contain a statement of the respective
names, dates and places of birth and places of the then residence of
each of the parties to such marriage and the date and place thereof.

3. Each applicant for a certification of marriage shall remit to the
commissioner with such application a fee of thirty dollars in payment
for the search of the files and records and the furnishing of such
certification if a record thereof is found or for a certification that a
search discloses no record of a marriage.

4. The federal agency in charge of vital statistics may obtain, at a
fee acceptable to the commissioner, information from marriage records
for use solely as statistical data.