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Hearing of objections to order for alteration without consent
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 2, ARTICLE 31
§ 1509. Hearing of objections to order for alteration without consent.
1. Within ten days after making and filing such order the district
superintendent shall give at least a week's notice in writing to the
trustees of all districts affected by the proposed alterations, that at
a specified time, and at a named place within the town in which one of
the districts to be affected lies, he will hear the objections to the

2. The trustees of any district to be affected by such order may
request the supervisor and town clerk of each of the towns, within which
such districts shall wholly or partly lie, to join with the district
superintendent as a local board.

3. At the time and place mentioned in the notice, such superintendent,
with the supervisors and town clerks, if they shall attend and act,
shall hear and decide the matter, and the decision shall be final unless
duly appealed from. Such decision must either affirm or vacate such
order, and must be filed with and recorded by the town clerk of the town
in which the property to be transferred shall lie, and a tie vote shall
be regarded a decision for the purposes of an appeal on the merits.
Upon such appeal the commissioner of education may affirm, modify or
vacate the order of the district superintendent or the action of the
local board.

4. A supervisor and town clerk shall be entitled each to one dollar
and fifty cents a day for each day's service in any proceeding under
this section, to be levied and paid as a charge upon their town.