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This entry was published on 2021-11-12
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School Districts
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 2

Section 1501. Existing school districts continued.

1501-a. Publication of minutes.

1501-b. Additional power of boards of education.

1501-c. Voting by residents of certain facilities.

1502. Passengers on school buses.

1502-a. Power to provide for observance of Memorial day; certain


1503. Application of funds obtained from sale of school


1504. Formation of new district.

1505. Dissolution, reformation and construction of districts.

1505-a. Teachers' rights as a result of the dissolution of a

school district.

1506. Filing of certain orders of district superintendent.

1507. Alteration by consent.

1508. Alteration without consent.

1509. Hearing of objections to order for alteration without


1510. Consolidation of districts by vote of qualified


1511. Request for meeting to consolidate districts; notices of


1512. Proceedings at meeting for consolidation; adoption of

resolution; proceedings to be filed.

1513. Order creating consolidated district; effect.

1514. Property of districts consolidated.

1515. Dissolution or alteration of joint district.

1516. Special meeting of joint district to act regarding

alteration or dissolution.

1517. Indebtedness of certain dissolved districts.

1518. Continuance of dissolved districts for payment of debts.

1519. Deposit of records of dissolved district.

1520. Sale of property of dissolved district and disposition

of proceeds.

1521. Collection and distribution of moneys due dissolved


1522. Notice of meeting for establishment of union free school


1523. Proceedings at meeting and effect of affirmative vote.

1524. Consolidation with city school district.

1525. Alteration of boundaries of city school district.

1526. Enlarged city school districts.

1527. Payroll deductions for deposit to employee bank


1527-a. Prohibit symbols of hate.

1527-c. Shared superintendent program.