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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Sale of property of dissolved district and disposition of proceeds
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 2, ARTICLE 31
§ 1520. Sale of property of dissolved district and disposition of
proceeds. 1. When a district is divided into portions, which are
annexed to other districts, its property shall be sold by the supervisor
of the town or towns, within which its schoolhouse is situated, at
public auction after at least five days' notice.

2. Such notice shall be given by posting the same in three or more
public places of the town or towns in which the schoolhouse is situated
and in one conspicuous place in the district so dissolved.

3. The supervisor, after deducting the expenses of the sale, shall
apply its proceeds to the payment of the debts of the district, and
apportion the residue, if any, among the owners or possessors of taxable
property in the district, in the ratio of their several assessments on
the last corrected assessment-roll of the towns, and pay it over