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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Times for filing statements
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 2, ARTICLE 32
§ 1529. Times for filing statements. 1. The times for filing the
statements prescribed by section fifteen hundred twenty-eight of this
article shall be as follows:

a. A first statement shall be filed on or before the thirtieth day
next preceding the election to which it relates.

b. A second statement shall be filed on or before the fifth day next
preceding the election to which it relates.

c. A third statement shall be filed within twenty days next succeeding
the election to which it relates.

2. Unless otherwise provided, each statement shall cover the period up
to and including the day next preceding the day herein specified for the
filing thereof; provided, however, that any contribution or loan in
excess of one thousand dollars, if received after the close of the
period to be covered in the last statement filed before the election but
before such election, shall be reported, in the same manner as other
contributions, within twenty-four hours after receipt.

3. It shall not be necessary to itemize in any statement the data
previously reported in any prior statement but each statement shall
include a summary of all expenditures and contributions and other
particulars reported in any previous statements.

4. A statement shall be deemed properly filed when deposited in an
established post-office within the prescribed time, duly stamped,
registered and directed to the clerk of the school district in which he
is a candidate and to the commissioner of education, but in the event it
is not received, a duplicate of such statement shall be promptly filed
upon notice by the school district administrative officer and/or the
commissioner of its non-receipt. Each statement shall be preserved for a
period of three years from the date of filing thereof and it shall
constitute a part of the public records and shall be open to public