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Moneys and accounts in union free school districts
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 2, ARTICLE 35
§ 1720. Moneys and accounts in union free school districts. 1. All
moneys raised in a union free school district or apportioned thereto by
the education department or otherwise, shall be paid to the treasurer of
the district entitled to receive the same, and be applied to the uses of
the district and the board shall annually render their accounts of all
moneys received and expended by them for the use of said schools.

2. No money shall be drawn from such funds in possession of such
treasurer, unless in pursuance of a resolution of said board, and on
voucher-order checks signed by the treasurer, payable to the order of
the persons entitled to receive such money and stating on their face the
purpose or service for which said moneys have been authorized to be paid
by the said board of education. The board of education may in its
discretion require that such checks be countersigned by another officer
of such district. When authorized by resolution of the board of
education such checks may be signed with the facsimile signature of the
treasurer and other district officer whose signature is required, as
reproduced by a machine or device commonly known as a check-signer.
Such board may by resolution designate one of its members other than
said other officer whose signature is required or appoint a deputy
treasurer who shall serve at the discretion of the board, to sign such
checks in lieu of either the treasurer or other officer whose signature
is required, in case of their absence or inability, provided that any
board member or deputy treasurer so authorized shall, before acting in
the place and stead of the treasurer, execute and file an official
undertaking in an amount and in the manner required as to such treasurer
pursuant to the provisions of this chapter. No resolution of the board,
however, shall be necessary for the payment of compensation for services
of an officer or employee engaged at agreed wages by the hour, day,
week, month or year, where the name of such officer or employee appears
upon a duly certified payroll, or of the principal of or interest on
indebtedness of the district. By resolution duly adopted, the board may
determine to enter into a contract to provide for the deposit of the
periodic payroll of the school district in a bank or trust company for
disbursal by it in accordance with provisions of section ninety-six-b of
the banking law.