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Union Free School Districts
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 2

Section 1701. Boards of education corporate bodies.

1702. Board of education; election; terms of office.

1703. Change in number of members of board of education.

1704. Length of school year, and expenditure of funds.

1705. Annexing territory to a union free school district.

1706. Power of removal of member of board of education.

1707. Annual organizational meetings of boards of education.

1708. Regular meetings; visitation of schools.

1709. Powers and duties of boards of education.

1709-a. Powers of boards of education to ban fraternities,

sororities and other secret societies.

1710. Boards of education have powers of trustees of common

schools and trustees of academies.

1711. Appointment of superintendent of schools.

1712. Kindergartens; nursery and night schools.

1713. Academy may be adopted as academic department.

1714. Contracts with academies.

1715. Retransfer of academy to its former trustees.

1716. Estimated expenses for ensuing year.

1717. Corporate authorities must raise tax certified by board

of education.

1718. Limitation upon expenditures.

1719. Deposit, custody and payment of moneys in villages.

1720. Moneys and accounts in union free school districts.

1721. Records; reports.

1722. Application of article.

1723-a. Temporary investment of school moneys.

1724. Form and audit of claims.

1725. Lease of personal property.

1725-a. Powers of boards of education; instructional equipment.

1726. Lease and lease-purchase of buildings.