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Special meeting in common school district
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 2, ARTICLE 41, PART 1
§ 2006. Special meeting in common school district. 1. A special
district meeting of a common school district shall be held whenever
called by the trustees or whenever called for by petition of the voters
pursuant to subdivision three of this section. The notice thereof shall
state the purposes for which it is called, and no business shall be
transacted at such special meeting, except that which is specified in
the notice; and the district clerk, or, if the office be vacant, or the
clerk be sick or absent, or shall refuse to act, a trustee, or some
taxable inhabitant, by order of the trustees, shall serve the notice
upon each inhabitant of the district qualified to vote at district
meetings, at least six days before the day of the meeting, in the manner
prescribed in section two thousand one of this part or the trustees
shall give notice of the time and place of such special meeting, and the
notice shall be published once in each week within the four weeks next
preceding the special meeting, the first publication to be at least
twenty-two days before said meeting, in two newspapers if there shall be
two, or in one newspaper if there shall be but one, having general
circulation within such common school district. But if no newspaper
shall then have general circulation therein, the said notice shall be
posted in at least twenty public places in said district twenty-two days
but not more than twenty-eight days before the time of such meeting.

2. The inhabitants of a district may, at any annual meeting, adopt a
resolution prescribing some other mode of giving notice of special
meetings, which resolution and the mode prescribed thereby shall
continue in force until rescinded or modified at some subsequent annual

3. Whenever the voters shall have defeated the budget of the school
district at the annual meeting and election, the trustees may call a
special district meeting for a school budget revote to be held on the
third Tuesday of June, provided, however that such budget revote shall
be held on the second Tuesday in June if the commissioner at the request
of a local school board certifies no later than March first that such
vote would conflict with religious observances. The trustees shall give
the notices required by subdivision one of section two thousand three of
this part and this section by publishing such notices once in each week
within the two weeks next preceding such special meeting, the first
publication to be at least fourteen days before such meeting, with any
required posting to be fourteen days before the time of such meeting.