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General Provisions
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 2, ARTICLE 41

Section 2001. Notice of first meeting of district.

2002. Time and place of annual meeting.

2003. Notice of annual meeting in common school district.

2004. Notice of annual meeting in union free school


2005. Special meeting to transact business of annual


2006. Special meeting in common school district.

2007. Special meeting in union free school district.

2008. Call of special district meeting by district


2009. Additional requirements of notice where tax to be

authorized to be levied in installments.

2010. Effect of want of due notice of district meetings.

2011. Duty to attend district meetings.

2012. Qualifications of voters at district meetings.

2014. Registration of voters.

2015. Register to be filed; addition to and correction of

register; challenges.

2016. Review of registration procedure by supreme court or

county judge.

2017. Division of union free school district into election


2018. Nomination of candidates for the office of member of

the board of education in all union free school

districts or for the office of member of the board

of trustees in all common school districts which

have elected to vote for trustees at a time or place

separate from the annual meeting.

2018-a. Absentee ballots for school district elections.

2018-b. Absentee ballots for school district elections by poll


2018-c. Additional voting procedures.

2018-d. Military voters.

2019. Declaration in case of challenge of voter.

2019-a. Voting by persons whose names are not in the

registration poll ledgers.

2020. Penalty for false declaration or unauthorized vote.

2021. Powers of voters.

2022. Vote on school district budgets and on the election of

school district trustees and board of education


2023. Levy of tax for certain purposes without vote;

contingency budget.

2023-a. Limitations upon school district tax levies.

2023-b. Certification of compliance with property tax freeze


2023-b*2. Certification of compliance with tax levy limit.

2024. Reference to commissioner of education.

2025. Procedures at school district meetings.

2029. Poll list.

2030. Ballot box; voting booth.

2031. Election of officers.

2031-a. Electioneering within one hundred feet of polling

place prohibited; distance markers.

2032. Ballots for election of school district officers.

2033. Voting after closing of polls.

2034. Canvass of votes; declaration of result.

2035. Use of voting machines at school district meetings or


2036. Effect of failure to appoint or elect qualified voters

as district meeting or election officials.

2037. Determination of meeting or election disputes.

2038. Application of article.