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Superintendent of schools; associate superintendents
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 2, ARTICLE 51
§ 2507. Superintendent of schools; associate superintendents. 1. The
superintendent and any associate superintendent of schools in each
school district shall hold his position subject to the pleasure of the
board of education, except that the superintendent of schools may be
appointed for a term of not to exceed five years, provided that the
terms or provisions of any employment contract between the
superintendent and the board of education relating to an increase in
salary, compensation or other benefits, shall not be based on or tied to
the terms of any contract or collective bargaining agreement that the
board of education has or will enter with the teachers or other
employees of the school district.

2. A superintendent or an associate superintendent may vacate his
position by filing a written resignation with the board of education.
No person shall be eligible to the position of superintendent of
schools, deputy superintendent of schools, associate superintendent of
schools, assistant superintendent of schools or other superintendent of
schools in such city school district unless he shall possess or be
entitled to a superintendent's certificate as provided in section three
thousand three of this chapter.