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Powers and duties of superintendent of schools
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 2, ARTICLE 51
§ 2508. Powers and duties of superintendent of schools. The
superintendent of schools of a city school district shall possess,
subject to the bylaws of the board of education, the following powers
and be charged with the following duties:

1. To be the chief executive officer of the school district and the
educational system, and to have a seat on the board of education and the
right to speak on all matters before the board, but not to vote.

2. To enforce all provisions of law and all rules and regulations
relating to the management of the schools and other educational, social
and recreational activities under the direction of the board of

3. To prepare the content of each course of study authorized by the
board of education. The content of each such course shall be submitted
to the board of education for its approval and, when thus approved, the
superintendent shall cause such courses of study to be used in the
grades, classes and schools for which they are authorized.

4. To recommend suitable lists of textbooks to be used in the schools.

5. To have supervision and direction of associate, assistant and other
superintendents, directors, supervisors, principals, teachers,
lecturers, medical inspectors, nurses, claims auditors, deputy claims
auditors, attendance officers, janitors and other persons employed in
the management of the schools or the other educational activities of the
district authorized by this chapter and under the direction and
management of the board of education; to transfer teachers from one
school to another, or from one grade of the course of study to another
grade in such course, and to report immediately such transfers to such
board for its consideration and action; to report to such board
violations of regulations and cases of insubordination, and to suspend
an associate, assistant or other superintendent, director, supervisor,
expert, principal, teacher or other employee until the next regular
meeting of such board, when all facts relating to the case shall be
submitted to such board for its consideration and action.

6. To have supervision and direction over the enforcement and
observance of the courses of study, the examination and promotion of
pupils, and over all other matters pertaining to playgrounds, medical
inspection, recreation and social center work, libraries, lectures, and
all other educational activities under the management, direction and
control of the board of education.

7. Notwithstanding any inconsistent provision of law, the provisions
of subdivision five of this section relating to the transfer of teachers
may be modified by an agreement that is collectively negotiated pursuant
to the provisions of article fourteen of the civil service law.