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Annual financial report
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 2, ARTICLE 51
§ 2528. Annual financial report. Within three months after the close
of the fiscal year the board of education shall annually cause to be
published in a newspaper, or two newspapers if there be two, having a
general circulation in the city school district, or in pamphlet form for
general distribution, in such form and detail as shall be required by
the commissioner of education, on account of all moneys received by the
board of education for its account and use during such fiscal year, and
all moneys expended therefor stating the source of receipts and the
character and object of expenditures in full. Such annual report shall
also contain a full and complete statement of any bonds issued the
preceding year for school purposes and the disposition made or to be
made of the proceeds of such bonds. If such report is prepared in
pamphlet form for general distribution, a notice shall be published in
such newspaper or newspapers that such pamphlets are available at a
stated place and time or times.