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Tax election
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 2, ARTICLE 51
§ 2529. Tax election. The board of education may call a special
election in the manner provided in article fifty-three of this chapter
and submit to the qualified voters of the school district a proposition
to expend a sum of money in excess of twenty-five thousand dollars for
an addition to, or change of site, or purchase of a new site or
structure, or for grading or improving a school site, or for the
purchase of lands and buildings for agricultural, athletic, playground
or social center purposes, or for building any new school, or for the
erection of an addition to any school, or for the reconstruction or
repair of any school. Such expenditures, when made pursuant to this
section, shall be made only during the fiscal year for which a tax is to
be levied. The provisions of article fifty-three shall apply to such