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This entry was published on 2022-12-16
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Qualifications of teachers
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 4, ARTICLE 61
§ 3001. Qualifications of teachers. No person shall be employed or
authorized to teach in the public schools of the state who is:

1. Under the age of eighteen years.

2. Not in possession of a teacher's certificate issued under the
authority of this chapter or a diploma issued on the completion of a
course in state college for teachers or state teachers college of this

The provisions of this subdivision shall not prohibit a certified
teacher from permitting a practice or cadet teacher enrolled in an
approved teacher education program from teaching a class without the
presence of the certified teacher in the classroom provided the
classroom certified teacher is available at all times and retains
supervision of the practice or cadet teacher. The number of certified
teachers shall not be diminished by reason of the presence of cadet

3. Not a citizen. The provisions of this subdivision shall not apply,
however, to a noncitizen teacher now or hereafter employed, provided
such teacher shall make due application to become a citizen and
thereafter within the time prescribed by law shall become a citizen. The
provisions of this subdivision shall not apply, after July first,
nineteen hundred sixty-seven, to a noncitizen teacher employed pursuant
to regulations adopted by the commissioner of education permitting such
employment. The citizenship requirements of this subdivision shall not
apply to a noncitizen teacher now or hereafter employed whose
immigration status is that of a lawful permanent resident of the United
States and who would otherwise be eligible to serve as a teacher, or to
apply for or receive permanent certification as a teacher, but for the
foregoing requirements of this subdivision.