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Teachers and Supervisory and Administrative Staff
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 4

Section 3001. Qualifications of teachers.

3001-a. Temporary teaching permit, person not a citizen.

3001-b. First aid instruction mandatory for coaches of

extra-class public school athletic activities.

3001-c. First aid instruction mandatory for coaches of high

school extra-class nonpublic school athletic


3001-d. Criminal history record checks and conditional

appointments; nonpublic and private schools.

3002. Oath to support federal and state constitutions.

3003. Qualifications of superintendents.

3004. Regulations governing certification of teachers.

3004-a. National board for professional teaching standards

certification grant program.

3004-b. Special procedures for certification.

3004-c. Denial of application for certification.

3005. Leave of absence to teachers for teaching in foreign

countries, other states and territories and other

school districts.

3005-a. Leave of absence for teaching purposes.

3005-b. Leave of absence for personal illness.

3006. Commissioner of education to issue certificates.

3006-a. Registration and continuing teacher and leader education

requirements for holders of professional certificates

in the classroom teaching service, holders of level

III teaching assistant certificates, holders of

professional certificates in the educational

leadership service.

3007. Endorsement of foreign certificates and diplomas.

3008. Certification of teachers by local authorities.

3009. Unqualified teachers shall not be paid from school


3010. Penalty for payment of unqualified teacher.

3011. Contract with teacher.

3012. Tenure: certain school districts.

3012-a. Elementary tenure area.

3012-c. Annual professional performance review of classroom

teachers and building principals.

3012-d. Annual teacher and principal evaluations.

3013. Abolition of office or position.

3014. Tenure: boards of cooperative educational services.

3014-a. Teachers' rights as a result of a board or boards of

cooperative educational services taking over a program

formerly operated by a school district or districts or

by a county vocational education and extension board.

3014-b. Teachers' rights as a result of a school district taking

over a program formerly operated by a board of

cooperative educational services.

3014-c. Teachers' rights as a result of a school district taking

back tuition students.

3014-d. Teachers' rights as a result of a school district

sending students to another district on a tuition

basis pursuant to section two thousand forty of this


3015. Teacher's salary when payable.

3016. Contract when teacher is related to trustee or member of

board of education.

3017. Individual liability of trustees.

3018. Revocation of certificate by district superintendent.

3019. Penalty for teacher's failure to complete contract.

3019-a. Notice of termination of service by teachers.

3020. Discipline of teachers.

3020-a. Disciplinary procedures and penalties.

3020-b. Streamlined removal procedures for teachers rated


3021. Removal of superintendents, teachers and employees for

treasonable or seditious acts or utterances.

3021-a. Notification of accusatory instrument alleging a sex


3022. Elimination of subversive persons from the public school


3023. Liability of a board of education, trustee, trustees or

board of cooperative educational services.

3024. Teachers responsible for record books.

3025. Verification of school register.

3026. Discriminations based on sex prohibited.

3027. Discrimination based on age prohibited.

3028. Liability of school district for cost and attorney's

fees of action against, or prosecutions of, teachers,

members of supervisory and administrative staff or

employees, and school volunteers.

3028-a. Students under twenty-one years of age suspected of

alcohol abuse or narcotic addiction.

3028-b. Notification of teachers' duty to provide information

and immunity from liability.

3028-c. Protection of school employees who report acts of

violence and weapons possession.

3028-d. Protection of school employees who report information

regarding illegal or inappropriate financial


3029. Hours of continuous duty for full time teachers.

3029-a. Silent meditation in public schools.

3030. Interstate agreement on qualifications of educational


3031. Procedure when tenure not to be granted at conclusion of

probationary period or when services to be


3032. Teacher summer business training and employment program;

and employer specific skill training grant program.

3033. New York state mentor teacher-internship program.

3034. Teacher career recruitment clearinghouse.

3035. Duties of commissioner; submission of fingerprints.

3036. Coursework for reporting child abuse and maltreatment

for those with coaching licenses or coaching


3037. Grants for hiring teachers.

3038. (Enacted without section heading).