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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Appeals or petitions to commissioner of education and other proceedings
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1, ARTICLE 7
§ 310. Appeals or petitions to commissioner of education and other
proceedings. Any party conceiving himself aggrieved may appeal by
petition to the commissioner of education who is hereby authorized and
required to examine and decide the same; and the commissioner of
education may also institute such proceedings as are authorized under
this article. The petition may be made in consequence of any action:

1. By any school district meeting.

2. By any district superintendent and other officers, in forming or
altering, or refusing to form or alter, any school district, or in
refusing to apportion any school moneys to any such district or part of
a district.

3. By a county treasurer or other distributing agent in refusing to
pay any such moneys to any such district.

4. By the trustees of any district in paying or refusing to pay any
teacher, or in refusing to admit any scholar gratuitously into any
school or on any other matter upon which they may or do officially act.

5. By any trustees of any school library concerning such library, or
the books therein, or the use of such books.

6. By any district meeting in relation to the library or any other
matter pertaining to the affairs of the district.

6-a. By a principal, teacher, owner or other person in charge of any
school in denying a child admission to, or continued attendance at, such
school for lack of proof of required immunizations in accordance with
section twenty-one hundred sixty-four of the public health law.

7. By any other official act or decision of any officer, school
authorities, or meetings concerning any other matter under this chapter,
or any other act pertaining to common schools.