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Commissioner of Education
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1

Section 301. Commissioner of education continued.

302. How chosen.

303. Term of office.

304. Expenses.

305. General powers and duties.

306. Removal of school officers; withholding public money.

307. Acquisition of real property.

308. Other powers.

309. Schools of union free school districts and cities.

309-a. Twenty-first century schools program.

310. Appeals or petitions to commissioner of education and

other proceedings.

311. Powers of commissioner upon appeals or petitions, et


312. Filed papers and copies thereof.

313. Unfair educational practices.

313-a. Prohibition against the use of certain material in

questionnaires and applications for admission to

educational institutions.

314. State plan for school district reorganization.

315. School district names.

316. Teacher resource and computer training centers.

317. General education development exam.

318. Distribution of surplus computers.