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Records of attendance upon instruction
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 4, ARTICLE 65, PART 1
§ 3211. Records of attendance upon instruction. 1. Who shall keep
such record. The teacher of every minor required by the provisions of
part one of this article to attend upon instruction, or any other school
district employee as may be designated by the commissioner of education
under section three thousand twenty-four of this chapter, shall keep an
accurate record of the attendance and absence of such minor. Such record
shall be in such form as may be prescribed by the commissioner of

2. Certificates of attendance to be presumptive evidence. A duly
certified transcript of the record of attendance and absence of a child
which has been kept, as provided in this section, shall be accepted as
presumptive evidence of the attendance of such child in any proceeding
brought under the provisions of part one of this article.

3. Inspection of records of attendance. An attendance officer, or any
other duly authorized representative of the school authorities, may at
any time during school hours, demand the production of the records of
attendance of minors required to be kept by the provisions of part one
of this article, and may inspect or copy the same and make all proper
inquiries of a teacher or principal concerning the records and the
attendance of such minors.

4. Duties of principal or person in charge of the instruction of a
minor. The principal of a school, or other person in charge of the
instruction upon which a minor attends, as provided by part one of this
article, shall cause the record of his attendance to be kept and
produced and all appropriate inquiries in relation thereto answered as
hereinbefore required. He shall give prompt notification in writing to
the school authorities of the city or district of the discharge or
transfer of any such minor from attendance upon instruction, stating the
date of the discharge, its cause, the name of the minor, his date of
birth, his place of residence prior to and following discharge, if such
place of residence be known, and the name of the person in parental
relation to the minor.