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Compulsory Education
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 4, ARTICLE 65

Section 3201. Discrimination on account of race, creed, color or

national origin prohibited.

3201-a. Discrimination on account of sex.

3202. Public schools free to resident pupils; tuition from

nonresident pupils.

3203. Selection of school for attendance of children when

district line intersects a dwelling.

3204. Instruction required.

3205. Attendance of minors upon full time day instruction.

3206. Attendance of minors upon part time instruction.

3207. Attendance upon evening instruction.

3207-a. Service of persons seventeen years of age as election

inspectors or poll clerks.

3208. Attendance; screening of new entrants; prohibition

against mandatory medication.

3208-a. Special proceeding to determine physical capacity of

student to participate in athletic programs.

3209. Education of homeless children.

3209-a. Child abuse prevention.

3210. Amount and character of required attendance.

3211. Records of attendance upon instruction.

3211-a. Reports of reading tests.

3212. Definition of persons in parental relation and their

duties; duties of certain other persons.

3212-a. Records of telephone numbers.

3213. Supervisors of attendance; attendance teachers;

attendance officers; appointment, compensation, powers

and duties.

3214. Student placement, suspensions and transfers.

3215. Unlawful employment.

3215-a. General certification provisions.

3216. Employment certificates.

3217. Procedure for issuance of employment certificates.

3218. Evidence of age.

3219. Consent of parent or guardian.

3220. Certificate of physical fitness.

3221. Pledge of employment.

3222. Schooling record.

3223. Duties of employers.

3224. Temporary services.

3225. Special employment certificate.

3226. Farm work permits.

3227. Street trades.

3228. Newspaper carrier.

3230. School district meetings and activities.

3232. Courts having jurisdiction.

3233. Penalties.

3234. Enforcement; withholding state moneys by commissioner of